I paint to explore.

My work is a kind of sensory reading of the environment (its past and present), of its vibrational tones that surround me and compel me. I am sensitive to nature, light and the relationship of shapes within space. I engage with and produce work that reflects my experience of the natural environment. I render, through color and shape, the connections, associations, and links that are part of life. A boulder on a hillside creates ripples in the air that moves past it. The shadow of a building places a weight on one’s shoulders. My work is about this sensory relationship, hopefully reaching down to a level of unseen subtlety. 

I believe there is an always-present nonverbal language that is collectively experienced but is felt individually. Its presence is everywhere and it leaves its effect. It is a language that has naturally evolved since we were single cell organisms learning survival and communication.

This process started for me in 1998. I began exploring human connections to the self and the divine through our cultural heritage, appropriating iconography of world religions and pop culture in my work. Seeking further understanding of our being, I became interested in our nonverbal collective history, exploring it through animism and biomorphic shapes. These connections are distilled into the raw energy of our beings, manifested through the language of abstraction. 

May 2019