I am inspired by what happens on the sides of my thoughts. My eyes see in front of me. My skin, my ears, and my nose see around me. My mind and my heart are in the present as they flirt with the past and the anticipated future. 

The work is a mapping of experience, an attempt to visually capture the subliminal and conscious considering and reconsidering of data, disconnections, associations, and links that are part of life. It is as though there is an always-present nonverbal language that is processed collectively but is understood and felt individually. The pervasive presence of technology further blends and morphs experiences in such a way that we become part of a larger fluid energy-- unknowingly we are disembodied. 

This process started for me in the 1990s with appropriations of world religious and pop culture iconography, evolving into an exploration of animism and its biomorphic shapes, and is now distilled into the language of abstraction. 


April 2017